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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spare a Thought ~ Diwali Celebraton @ VIBGYOR HIGH

Spare a Thought ~ Diwali Celebration  @ Vibgyor High


This Diwali, we at VIBGYOR HIGH have celebrated Diwali with a unique social awareness initiative “Spare a thought”. 

Under this campaign hundreds of VIBGYOR students and teachers from the VIBGYOR network of 17 schools in 7 cities, visited the local offices of different community / public services departments such as police stations, hospitals, fire-brigade, municipal ward offices etc. to thank these work forces and expressed gratitude for their uninterrupted services 365 days a year to so that we citizens are able to enjoy our holidays and festivals safely and peacefully. 

The VIBGYORites lit up diwali lamps and distributed sweets and created a festive mood at these workplaces. They also carried with them a giant ‘Thank You’ banner featuring a painting made by students and scripted with signatures of all the students and teachers. This little gesture of students touched the hearts of these civic services staff and they all appreciated the deep thinking and social sense of VIBGYORites

 BBMP Office-Mahadevpura


BBMP Office-Mahadevpura

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